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Our Commitment

We are known for our smaller and larger piece tattoos along with piercing work. Our highly experienced artists can help you get the best tattoo ideas and custom tattooing in a family friendly atmosphere. From line work to realistic 3D tattoos and even black and grey, our trained staff specializes in various forms of tattoos that truly reflect your individual personality. Here, we use worldwide professionally recommended tattoo aftercare and body piercing aftercare products to ensure an overall pleasant experience. Come in today and get inked at affordable prices.


Tattoo Care

  • Step 1 -  Apply a very thin layer of antibiotic ointment over the tattoo. Usually your tattoo artist will do this for you. The ointment keeps the tattoo from drying out and helps prevent scarring or infection. 
  • Step 2 -  Cover the tattoo with a bandage, if your tattoo artist doesn't do this. Keep the bandage on for two hours after getting the tattoo. This provides additional protection, and keeps ink and blood from staining your clothes. 


  •  Step 3 -  Remove the bandage after two hours. You will see some blood or fluid oozing from the tattoo site. Gently wipe it clean with a tissue. Reapply antibiotic ointment, and wait 10-15 minutes to see if more fluid appears. Repeat the blotting and reapply ointment until the oozing stops. 
  • Step 4 -  Apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment after the oozing has stopped. Do not bandage your tattoo. Wear loose cotton clothing over the tattoo site when you go to bed to prevent your new tattoo from sticking to the sheets while you sleep.


  • Step 5 -  Wash the tattooed area with mild soap and a little water to remove any bits of dried blood or ooze that might be residing on the surface. Do this once a day, carefully, and preferably in the morning. Do not re-bandage. You tattoo needs to breathe now. 
  • Step 6 -  Apply any unscented moisturizing lotion to the tattoo area after washing. Use lotion frequently but sparingly to keep the area moisturized. Do this for two to three weeks for normal healing. 

Do's & Don'ts

  • Don’t come wasted to your session.
  • Be on time.
  • Don’t bargain.
  • Don’t bring children with you.
  • Don’t ask to play your music.
  • Eat something before your appointment.
  • Dress the part.
  • Take a shower.
  • Don’t be a tattoo adviser.
  • Don’t bring an entourage.
  • Don’t talk on your cell phone.
  • Don’t get a tattoo if you’re pregnant.



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